Who Started Ard's Farm

Ray and Nancy Ard purchased the farm that is now known as Ard’s Farm and started raising their family and milking cows. They raised 3 children, all of whom had different roles on the farm growing up. As they reached adulthood, Alan was the child who stayed on the farm to be the next generation of Ard’s Farm. After some input from close family friends and confidants, Alan, Ray, and Nancy made the decision to sell the dairy herd and open Ard’s Farm Market.

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A True Family Business

For the last 30 years, Alan and his wife, Kyle, have run everything with the help of their two sons, Justin and Ethan. Ard’s Farm grew from a simple farm to a market with a restaurant and its own catering; and they’ve evolved into new ventures like public and private events. But year after year, one thing has always remained the same, it’s always been about family.

Meet Banty Rooster at Ard’s Farm, opening January of 2024. Justin Midkiff and his wife, Leah, have decided to take the leap.  We’re so excited to continue our lives on the farm, growing our family, our passions for food and community, and our love for these 126 acres.  While Farms all around the state are being sold to housing developments, or closing because the next generation doesn’t want it.  We are standing strong with the family tradition and sustaining the farms development and growth. We’ve spent the last 15 years involved in the day to day workings at Ard’s, and we’re excited to put our own spin on it with things like new menus, new events, and more to come.


What the Business Means to the Family

Ard’s has been a family owned and operated business for over 25 years. To the family, Ard’s isn’t just a business it’s a way of life. Ray, Nancy and Alan began the big Ard’s project in 1991. Shortly after Ard’s opened its doors is where Ethan and Justin began to play too! Ard’s is where they learned to use a mower for the first time and of course, where they learned to drive a tractor. The business has shaped their individual lives more than imaginable.

Now that Justin and Leah are taking over at Ard's Farm, their kids will get a chance to have the same experiences on the farm! They are excited to make new changes like each generation before them while continuing to help influence the local community by providing a fun exciting place for friends and family to gather.


  • Ra-Nan Farms bought the farm and started milking cows

  • March 28, 1991

    The dairy herd was sold and Ard’s Farm Market was born.

  • April 9, 1991

    Ard’s Farm Market opened for business

  • Summer 2001

    Ard’s Chicken BBQs began

  • August 2001

    Ard’s Opened their first Corn Maze, The Australian Outback in the shape of a Kangaroo

  • Spring 2002

    Ard’s began offering catering service

  • June 2003

    First wedding on the farm

  • January 28, 2007

    The Restaurant opened for business

  • Spring 2008

    Ard’s moved to 100% No-Till Farming

  • January 2017

    The restaurant was renovated

  • January 2024

    Justin and Leah purchased Ard's Farm from Kyle and Alan