The “Life” of a Field: This Is Not Your Daddy’s Farm

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The “LIFE” of a Field
This is Not Your Daddy’s Farm

So every year, each and every field on our farm goes on a journey. I thought it would be
a great experience to take all of you along on one of these journeys so here’s how it’s going to
work. I have picked one field who’s seasonal “LIFE” is going to be shared with all of you. Okay, I
know what you’re all thinking Alan is losing it…right? Well this may be true…however I promise
you if you stay with me on this one it will provide a new light on agriculture today and what we
refer to as the soil health approach to regenerative agriculture. Farming has changed so much
in the past 5 years on so many different levels. This is particularly exciting for anyone willing to
go against the grain, think outside the box and not be afraid to fail. I like to call it farming on the
bleeding edge. I will guarantee you one thing that this is definitely not my father’s farm. Don’t
misunderstand me though, I’m not condemning what past generations have done in agriculture
because there has been remarkable progress. In reference to my dad, he was an incredible
farmer and conservationist. I am sure he would fully support the ideals we are implementing
today, which I guarantee will leave the soil (not dirt) on our farm healthier than when I received
it. A couple thoughts to leave you with which will be further explored throughout this series.

● Soil is alive and it is a complex body of millions of organisms which are extremely
● I think everyone would agree with me on this one that the less we disturb the earth the
better we are
● The less synthetic or chemical products used the better (no matter how safe the experts
say they are)
● No ecosystem can exist as a mono crop (single species)
● Our practices are not for everyone and I know we will all not always agree and that’s
okay because you must do what works for you

– Alan Ard

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