The “Life” of a Field: “Ongoing Multi-Biology”

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Life of a Field
“Ongoing Multi-Biology”

So what do I mean by ongoing multi biology. As I have stated before we do everything we possibly can to keep the biology moving and alive in our fields. Sometimes that means seeding crops while other crops are still growing in that same field. That way there is less lag in establishing other crops.

So one of these techniques is called frost seeding. I realize this may be an old term to many of you but to some, it surely is not. The other day I ran into an old farmer and he had asked me “what are you up to today?” Well I confidently responded, “frost seeding clover” and he looked at me like I certainly had three heads. I never thought that to be a foreign language to him.

So this is how it works depending on weather this can be done starting usually in March. The idea is to get the seed on the soil when cool frosty mornings still exist. On those frosty mornings when the sun comes out, it should warm up enough that the little temperature change will allow nature to bury the seeds just the right amount for germination. Now these little seedlings will exist but not be very big until the existing or nurse crop is removed, which in this case is triticale. Therefore this will shut down the window in which nothing is growing helping to continue the ‘LIFE’ of our field.

Just a little side note – this is a great technique for you guys who have deer food plots. It is an excellent way to get clover established quickly before grass and dry weather set in.

Alan Ard

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