Wedding Food Trends for 2020-2021

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It’s still the dead of winter, but our wheels are turning here getting ready for wedding season! We can’t
wait to share this new decade with all of our couples, but for now we’ll just share some up and coming food
trends that we’re seeing.

“Comfort Food”:
2020 and 2021 couples are all about the nostalgia – millennials who grew up in an era of rapid
technological advances are stuck in the 90’s! It’s no wonder that some of the favorite food options for
weddings are adult versions of favorite childhood foods. Grilled cheese reimagined, cheese boards that
harken back to the lunchable days, and mini pizzas are some approachable, yet elevated options, we’ve
been seeing.

Customizable Food:
This year, couples are focusing on giving their guests an experience rather than a stuffy dinner party,
with trends including fortune tellers, magicians, specialty drinks, and more. That now can extend to the
dinner options by creating a menu that allows guests to customize their food options and fully be a part
of the process. Try any of our dinner stations for that special experiential touch! Guests can create their
own pasta dish, their own tacos, and so much more.

Location Specific:
Are you getting married in a barn? Consider serving guests a salad of locally sourced produce, or a hot
chocolate bar using milk from a local creamery. If you’re getting married in a venue that, say, used to be
a potato cellar, maybe you make a baked potato bar a staple of the reception. 2020 couples are using
their venue or general wedding locale to guide their menu choices, making their wedding food even
more unique and personalized.

Today’s eco-conscious couples are hyper-aware of their environmental footprint in daily life, and their
weddings will be no different. Ask your caterer how you can make your reception more ‘green.’ Use
local ingredients, recycled or reusable dishes and silverware, and discuss your overall trash production.
Ask us how we dispose of uneaten food and other biodegradable waste!

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