Do You Have Dietary Restrictions? Our Catering Team Can Help!

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Dietary Restrictions
by our Wedding Coordinator

When planning a wedding or large party for many family and friends, a question that often arises, is ‘how do I accommodate my loved ones dietary restrictions?’ It is often thought of after a potential menu is discussed, and thus, is almost a point of panic for many couples. As experienced wedding caterers, we barely blink an eye!
No, you don’t have to make your entire wedding vegan for your one vegan friend, if you and your family love steak. If you want to make your entire wedding vegan – we can do that too! Here are some common dietary restrictions and how we handle them here at Ard’s Farm.

Vegetarian: guests that don’t eat meat would fall into this category. We offer separate meals, at no additional cost, that do not include meat. Mushroom Ravioli is a popular entrée in this category! Guests are also welcome to add any buffet sides that are vegetarian to their plates.

Vegan: guests that don’t consume any animal products. We again offer individual meals at no additional cost, wrapped and plated separately from the other entrees. Vegan Stuffed Peppers are a huge hit! Guests are also welcome to add any vegan buffet sides to their plates.

Gluten-Free: guests that don’t eat gluten (generally wheat products), either by choice or due to intolerance. Many of our entrees are gluten free already, as well as the majority of our sides. In these cases, we often advise guests to just avoid one or two items on the buffet, or for plated meals, substitute a gluten free side dish.

Lactose Intolerant: guests that don’t consume dairy due to an adverse reaction. Like gluten, many of our entrees and sides are dairy free. We generally would advise guests as they go through the buffet line, what to choose. For plated meals, we can substitute a dairy free option.

Peanut Allergy: We do not cook in peanut oil or use very many peanut products in our kitchen, but we do make peanut butter in our market as well as sell peanuts and tree nuts. Depending on the severity of the allergy, this is a case where we may recommend the guest use their discretion and possibly not eat the provided food if necessary.

For other allergies or intolerances, we are happy to create meals that work with your guests’ needs! When you choose a buffet meal, there are staff members serving the buffet that can answer any questions about the food to ensure that your guests are getting the best experience.

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