Rain On Your Wedding Day

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Rain on Your Wedding Day
by our Wedding Coordinator

This wedding season, needless to say, has been full of less-than-ideal weather circumstances. We’ve been catering many weddings in thunderstorms, and even more where it’s rained much of the week leading up to the wedding. As they say, a wet knot is harder to untie, making rain on your wedding day lucky – but you don’t actually want to be soaked on the big day. What can you do?

Make sure that your venue has a rain plan, and one that you feel comfortable with! Running inside trying to beat the raindrops that are already falling, or simply trusting that water won’t come in the barn that has open spaces between beams, aren’t solid enough plans. Make sure you know how things will be handled in the event that your tables do get wet, for instance. Consider moving your ceremony inside preemptively if inclement weather is in the forecast.

Speak to all of your vendors about rain plans, not just the venue.

Ensure your caterer is prepared with some version of an indoor prep space; whether it’s physically inside the venue or inside a food truck or delivery van. What if food ends up getting wet in the rain, how will they keep food hot in a snowstorm, and a general ‘disaster plan’ are all great questions to ask a caterer.

Check with your DJ, especially if they are set up outside, and make sure they have a plan for their equipment and electrical supplies to remain dry.

Is there any flowers or décor that should be a priority for ‘saving’ first from a storm? Consider speaking to your florist about using hardier blooms if there is inclement weather in the forecast.

Be sure your photographer has scouted indoor locations throughout the venue as well as outdoor places for shooting photos.

Bring a fun accessory, such as rain boots or cute umbrellas for all your bridesmaids, to make the best of it and get some unique photos!

Be on the lookout for a rainbow as the storm is clearing up. There’s nothing more romantic than a newlywed photo under a rainbow, and rain on your wedding day is the only way to accomplish that!

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