Three Benefits of Downsizing Your Event

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The current state of our world has many people stressing about future celebrations. If you’re among those planning a wedding or event this year, consider three benefits of having a smaller gathering.

  1. You have more time to spend with your guests. When a party size gets cut in half, it means you have twice as much time to spend with each guest. Now imagine if it’s reduced by three, or four, or more! Rather than getting a rushed “hello” and “goodbye,” each of your guests is left with memories of you on your special day!
  2. There are far fewer arrangements that need made. Instead of finding a location with room for 150, now you may only need space for 50. This opens you to a world of new venues! And your menu? It can get increasingly complicated as the numbers drop, meaning your guests will remember your big day as the tastiest of all! Trying to find sleeping accommodations for people? It’s all so much easier with a smaller group!
  3. You save money. A lot of money. The average cost of a Pennsylvania wedding is $28,827. You may think that number is HUGE, but consider the breakdown of roughly $212 per person. That includes all food, drink, alcohol, and venue expenses. That means taking your 135 person wedding down to a 50 person wedding could save you about $18,000.

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