Why Not Considered a Winter Wedding?

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2020 has been a crazy year, but many of you have still found love and are ready to get married! Now comes the planning. If you have begun to look for a venue, you may have discovered difficulties booking the date you hoped for. This venue shortage is because of the very limited “wedding season.”

Did you know that 73% of all weddings take place between May and October? Which explains why so many people picture all “weddings” as warm weather events. Does 73% seem just a little too…ordinary for you? Why not become part of the 27% and plan your wedding between November and April?! There are a few downfalls to a winter wedding, but winter weddings can also be unique, gorgeous, and fun.

There are plenty of ways to plan a dreamy wedding in the cooler months, and below we’ve collected just a few of our favorites.

Sophisticated color palettes: Using black and white offers a sophisticated, formal feeling. This wedding used greens to add color.

Using a pop of color, such as red or burgundy, stands out dramatically against the black and white background.

Don’t want it quite so formal? Choose shades of blues and purples for that winter warmth feeling.

Candles and lights: Candles and lights provide a feeling of warmth, but their use in the summer months is not nearly as impressive as it is during the winter. The early darkness during the winter months allows for a completely different ambience than in the summer.

Glamorous outfit options: Add a fur shawl to your bridesmaids’ attire and winter scarfs for the groomsmen.

Seasonally festive touches: Provide a fire pit and blankets for your guests to enjoy the outdoors.

And don’t forget the hot chocolate bar.

Our advice for 2021 brides: Don’t be afraid to consider a winter wedding. It might be the perfect option for a uniquely memorable big day. And you might just be lucky enough to get some outdoor pictures in the snow!

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