Wedding Trends 2021

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With major lifestyle changes occurring in the last twelve months, it’s no surprise that wedding trends are also expected to have a large shift during wedding season 2021. From obvious shifts like smaller party sizes, to more unexpected changes like an emphasis on elaborate menus, the trends this year are as varied as they come. Here are our anticipated wedding trends for 2021:

Downsized, intimate weddings.
For obvious reasons, many weddings were downsized in 2020, but will the trend continue once the dangers have subsided? Experts are predicting that this trend is here to stay! If you are a couple who would rather spend quality time with your guests than have a large greeting line, this may be the right choice for you. Smaller parties also mean your venue can be anywhere you choose. Backyard weddings have made a serious comeback in the time of Covid, and they aren’t going anywhere. The reduced stress (and reduced price tag) of smaller weddings make them a more realistic option for many couples in 2021.

Return to formal dining experiences.
Today’s brides and grooms are being asked to cut corners in a lot of areas, which has left many with elaborate visions for other elements of their big day. This means couples are placing a renewed focus on dinner choices. With health concerns still in mind, a return to assigned seating, as well as plated meals (over buffet) will be a safe bet for many couples. This also lends itself to more formal foods, which will accompany customized offerings like specialty drinks, favorite foods as entrées, and other unique touches. A focus on small business will also see local produce and US sourced goods as a major staple.

Sustainability as a priority.
With so many social and political issues at the forefront of everyone’s mind, brides and grooms this year will have a particular interest in sustainability and responsibility when planning. Many are asking for responsible gifts on their registries, like a tree to plant together or a compost bin for their home. Couples are moving towards recycled paper products/digital options for save the dates and invitations; and unsurprisingly, there will be a big push toward DIY and second-hand décor. (Check out our Wedding Consignment Sale in March!) Be sure to ask your caterers and other vendors about their waste disposal policies.

Off-season dates.
Competition for venues, caterers, and other wedding vendors will be almost twice as high this year. With all the postponed weddings from last year, the volume of demand is going to be sky high this wedding season, meaning many will get “bumped” and have to wait until next year. That is, except for those people interested in a wedding that falls outside of the traditional late-spring to early-fall season. More couples than ever are expected to plan their nuptials during the fall and winter months…and they may be on to something! Off-season weddings come with a long list of benefits including date flexibility, vendor availability, and even potential savings. Check out this article to learn more about this trend!

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